FreSh New MuSiC


w/ new music from Larissa Lambert, Thuy, Kevin Ross, K CAMP, Rory Fresco

~~Larissa Lambert (R&B)~~
“I Love You And Its Getting Worse” [Debut EP]
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~~Thuy (R&B)~~
4Tracks: “i got it”/”fresh white tee”/”butterflies (Feat. Rexx Life Raj)”/”girls like me don’t cry (remix) [Feat. MIN]” [girls like me don’t cry (Deluxe)‘s Bonus Tracks]
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~~Kevin Ross (R&B/Soul)~~
“Midnight Microdose, Vol. 1” [EP]
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~~K CAMP (Rap)~~
“Spin The Block” [EP]
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~~Rory Fresco (Rap)~~
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