FreSh New MuSiC

w/ Unrlsds’ Kendrick Lamar tracks, new Mila J’s EP + new music from Flo Rida, up & coming pop artist Anthony Russo and more…

~~Rationale (Pop)~~
“One By One” [New Single] NICE!
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~~Promknght (R&B)~~
“Kiss” [EP]
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~~Kendrick Lamar (Rap)~~
8Unrlsds: “Want In Life”/”The Only Nigga”/”Own This City”/”Gang Member”/”Loved Ones (Feat. SZA)”/”Look Over Your Shoulders (Feat. Busta Rhymes & Michael Jackson)”/”Heroin (Feat. SZA, Jay Rock, Isaiah Rashad, & Ab Soul)”/”Swimming Pools (Alternate Version)”
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~~Ryan Destiny (R&B)~~
“The Same” [New Single]
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~~Mila J (R&B)~~
“September 2018” [EP]
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~~Anthony Russo (Pop)~~
“Can’t Go Wrong” [New Single]
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~~Flo Rida (Hip Pop)~~
“In My Mind Part 3 (Feat. Georgi Kay)” [New Single]
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Rest Of New JamZ:
ASHLEE + EVAN 4Singles: Safe Zone/Paris/I Do/Tonic
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Phora – No Scope [New Single]
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Mir FontaineStoop Kids (Feat. Fetty Wap) [New Single]
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